About Us

Our Purpose:

Iluma Solutions identify product gaps in the market place and turns them into opportunities to benefit both wholesalers and their end users. In essence Iluma Solutions is responsible for “Bringing Ideas to Life!”

Our Experience:

Being based in Campbellfield, Victoria, the home of the Caravan and Chassis manufacturers, we have proven our ability to deal closely with them to assist in improving their core business by introducing new, efficient, cost effective and of course, high quality product ranges.

Most of these manufacturers have complete confidence in our product ranges that they have requested exclusivity over certain products to give them that competitive edge - again, this is evidence that what we do sparks brilliance and nothing less. 

Choose Iluma Solutions Because...

  • We attribute our success to our ability to identify gaps in the market place
  • Our knowledge and experience in many industries
  • We have the ability to conduct projects in house saving us on cost - allowing us to pass on this saving to our clients to provide cost effective solutions 
  • We pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide to our clients
  • We maintain this level of service by offering a consultative approach as we strongly believe in nurturing relationships
  • We offer a 12 month replacement warranty Australia-wide on all of our products
  • We encourage feedback both good and bad, without your feedback we cannot grow and we cannot make sure that you are kept happy, so please....feel free to share. 

Our Future:

Iluma Solutions is constantly looking for opportunities to make things better in all industries and whilst we will keep searching and creating opportunities, we request that you contact us if you wish to see any changes made within your industry, be it a new product, a process change or even as simple as a PowerPoint presentation - we are here to help.